Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ultimate Grip It vs. Kick It Kickstand Review

Universal Solution Provides Ultimate Applications For Any Smartphone or Device

Grip Pad
    Well I am finally wowed!! And in a big way this time. The Grip pad (which is part of the kick it kit) certainly looks poised to be one of consumer choice awards recipient as early as this year. Not only does it provide all the solutions for your devices, it has no moving parts to replace therefore, it is 100% effective. Quite remarkably however, it has been included as part of the Kick It Kit (a kickstarter funded project).

How Does It Work?

Kick It Kit
The Grip is made of micro-suction material that is very jelly-like yet incredibly durable. The actual jelly is ALL adhesive. That's right, 100% adhesive through and through. Essentially imagine that after years of wear and tear every time the pad gets dirty, you just run it under water, gently scrub it with your fingers and drip dry. It's really that simple. Once dried, it is exactly like the day you unwrapped it from your Kick It Kit. The dimensions are 3.5in x 4.5in which allows even a tablet user to stick their device on any smooth surface not withholding refrigerators.  Keep in mind that it is strong enough to hold your device for as long as you need, literally years. However, it is not permanent, although you can certainly use it as that as well. During the test period I had it stuck on a variety of surfaces for 3 days each and it worked perfect every single time.

Will the Grip Leave a Mark?

One of the Grip's virtues is that it leaves no sticky residue or visible mark whatsoever. This makes it ideal for multiple transfers from device to device even when demonstrating an unsold tablet/phone in a store setting.

How Much Does It Cost?

 Since mine was included in the Kick It Kit, I can only say that it cost $19.99 (although I bought on kickstarter for half price during funding which is until June 15th, 2013).  Remember that the entire Kit is only $19.99 and the Grip pad is part of the package.

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